The purpose behind ProFit Executive Search is simple.

To help our clients reach their PROFIT goals.

Our promise is to find you incomparable performers.

These individuals will not only have accomplishments proving their quantitative value to your revenue, but the qualitative potential to develop into the bench strength for your organization. These assets make top talent acquisition via ProFit an investment in your organization’s success.

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What can you expect from ProFit?

Consultation and Thorough Search Analysis

  • We invest a great deal of time understanding your position before we begin our search.
  • We will give you fee choices that match your needs and the complexity of the search.
  • Part of assisting you with your profit goals is keeping expenses in line.
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Return on Your Investment

When locating leaders for a company you must go past a job description and identify the personality, work ethic and attitude of the right candidate. We will facilitate this and generate the excitement of top talent in your career opportunity.

Return On Your Investment

The Search

Strong, senior, talented individuals do not make job changes. They make career choices. We will utilize our extensive network and use direct recruiting methods to generate the right candidate.

To compliment our process and efforts, we will present you with a “Merit Profile ™”. The MERIT Profile™, a comprehensive report and analysis of an individual’s responses to a 60 question web-based survey helps employers gain unique insights into a candidate’s character and behavioural tendencies not normally obtained through interviews or assessments alone. The MERIT Profile™ measures and scores a person's attitudes, beliefs and commitments. Having these insights will make your investment decision cutting edge and give you a competitive advantage in securing industry leading candidates.

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Facilitating the Hire

Selecting the right candidate is not enough. ProFit will help secure your investment by adding an unprecedented level of professionalism for the full cycle of the process. Retention starts from the point of hire. ProFit will assist you in creating a competitive, attractive compensation package that reflects the market and the candidate and is complimentary to the needs of your business.

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The Guarantees

We stand behind our candidates…. with our One Year Guarantee Program.

If the employee is terminated or resigns beyond 90 days and up to one year of the employee's start date, we will re-fill the same position at 50% of the original placement fee cost.

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For more information contact

ProFit Executive Search Toronto

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ProFit Executive Search – North York

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ProFit Executive Search – Mississauga

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